2017 Spiritual Cleanse

Feeling sluggish and out of sorts? Perhaps it's time for a Spiritual Cleanse.

The annual 10 day Spiritual Cleanse for 2017 starts at noon, November 28, 2017, and ends at noon December 6, 2018. If you happen to read this article after that date or mid-way through the cleanse, simply start a spiritual cleanse on your own, on whatever day you wish to start. Today is a good a day as any! I will post the daily prompts once a day beginning on November 28 on our Facebook Page I encourage you to comment and share with others how your journey is going. At the end of the 10 days, I will provide a link to all the prompts in case you want to review them at a later date.

If you feel sluggish in your spirit, discontent, worried and anxious; if you find it difficult to fall asleep as you toss and turn over personal problems and world issues, you might be swimming in a sea of spiritual toxicity. It could be that although you are a confident, upbeat person, you are weighed down by the negativity that comes against you through news reports, Social Media, family, co-workers, and friends.

However, If your view of world events is causing fear, uncertainty, confusion, depression, suspicion and an increasing dread for the future, ask God for His perspective. God is NOT the author of fear, suspicion, depression or dread. Ask yourself, who are you listening to? What are you feeding your spirit on? If you are feeding yourself by reading blogs and so-called news sites that are full of suspicion and conspiracy theories, your spirit will wither, and you will not be effective in prayer. Reading these sort of ‘spin on the news’ blogs does nothing to improve your world or the world around you, and if they are all you read, you will begin to see the world through a dark film of depression and cynicism.

The following might help you break that unhealthy and all-consuming spiral of negative and disturbing thought patterns! Focus on the goodness of God, thank Him for His attributes of goodness, justice, love, mercy, long-suffering. Thank Him for His patience and His remarkable sense of timing. Thank Him for His power, His strength and His ability to move mountains. As you focus on all God has done for you in the past and on His character, you’ll find you are much more able to lay those things that you’ve fretted over at His feet and trust Him in the process.

I believe spending time in prayer and asking God for specific strategies you can carry out to change the world around you is a better use of your time than listening to the doomsday prophets and isolationists.

What does that mean?

You will deliberately limit your intake of watching the news, reading online news sites and surfing blogs that speculate on world events. You will skim these places to get the bare facts if a global crisis should arise; You choose not to read the resulting articles and Social Media frenzy that only speculate and rehash the same old news.

You might consider temporarily unfollowing friends, ministries, and writers who mainly use Social Media to share links and articles that are based on speculation, conspiracy theories and anything that is written from a foundation of fear.

You will avoid entertainment programs and movies that are dark and that paint a very gloomy view of the world at large.

To fill the void, You will feast on worship music, Bible reading and anything and everything that nourishes your soul and builds your spirit. You will rely on His truth to recalibrate your view of the world, so you are effective in your prayer life and ministry.

You will use Social Media to encourage others in their faith and to bring the good news that God is still on the throne without shaming others whose perspective of world events differ from your own.

I will be posting encouraging and strengthening Bible passages, uplifting articles of substance, and testimonies of God’s goodness on the ministry’s Facebook page. Join me there and contribute! I will use the hashtag #spiritcleanse, feel free to use it as well.

Until next week,

© 2017 Katherine Walden


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