Sometimes, Courage is Needed to Wait

Keeping steady is daunting as you wait for rescue but you can count on God to give you the strength and courage to hold on just a little longer.

Psalm 27:14 (NASB) -“Wait for the Lord, be strong and let your heart take courage, yes wait for the Lord.” In Hebrew poetry, repeating words or phrases would carry the same weight as the English usage of bold font or italicising words we want people to pay attention to. And the phrase that David tells […]

What If It’s Going to be Better Than You Think?

There is a whole lot of speculation going on these days. Most of that speculation is fear-based. What if.. things get worse? What if… I lose my job?  What if… food and gas prices continue to soar?  I’d like to offer a few alternative what-ifs for you to meditate upon today. What if… …God really […]

Got Junk – Again? Find a Permanent Solution

Jesus isn't a 1-800 Junk dealer. He takes us by the hand, and leads us to our cluttered basements and says He'll help us clean up our mess.

Some people want Jesus to clean up their messes, but they don’t want to face seeing the lurking junk in their hearts. Such attitudes remind me of people who throw broken furniture and junk in their basements or storage sheds. “We’ll get to that one day.” That one day never comes until one day there […]

A Call to Love with a Love That Risks All

As Christians, we are called to love but our love must take risks while remaining sturdy enough to stand on. It's not a kumbuyah sort of love.

I feel an urgency to call my brothers and sisters in Christ to a place of love. I am not speaking of a kumbayah sort of love where we all hold each other’s sticky hands around a campfire after roasting marshmallows, wishing each other well as we bask in sugar-induced carb comas. I am talking […]

Do Others Know You’re a Diehard Fan of Team Jesus?

Brag about God, cheer His exploits, let others know what team you swear your allegiance to

During Hockey Playoff season, millions of Canadians are glued to their televisions, smartphones or tablets, watching all the events. Many fans paint their faces in the colours of their favourite teams, and others wear jerseys, even if they are only watching the games in their living rooms. Some go as far as being tattooed in […]