With Jesus, There is Always Enough

God says He will provide for all our needs, and we will always have enough for ourselves and to share with others - so why do we worry?

Several years ago, I attended a community potluck celebrating the accomplishments of young puppeteers who participated in weekly puppet clubs held at several nearby schools. The participants learned practical skills and the value of teamwork while developing self-discipline. These children received sorely needed affirmation and unconditional love. They all appreciated the healthy snacks provided as […]

Overcoming an Undercurrent of Low-Voltage Anxiety

I am sensing a low-frequency buzz of anxiety in the lives of many. There is a way to combat that. Do ONE thing today that makes a positive difference.

Are you feeling an undercurrent of anxiety lately? Many of my friends exhibit symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness, and craving for carbohydrates and sugary foods. I am sensing a heaviness and an annoying low-frequency buzz across Social Media and in the lives of those around me. There is a way to combat that. […]