Just What Are You Thinking? Your Thought Life Impacts Your Atmosphere

A slip of the tongue is nothing more than a thought leak. Whatever controls our thoughts will eventually control our tongues.    

If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. We have all heard this charge, either from a parent, a grandparent, or a teacher. But I would like to suggest that this sage advice does not go to the heart of the matter, which is our hearts!   So-called Influencers are paid to […]

Overcoming an Undercurrent of Low-Voltage Anxiety

I am sensing a low-frequency buzz of anxiety in the lives of many. There is a way to combat that. Do ONE thing today that makes a positive difference.

Are you feeling an undercurrent of anxiety lately? Many of my friends exhibit symptoms such as unexplained fatigue, irritability, sleeplessness, and craving for carbohydrates and sugary foods. I am sensing a heaviness and an annoying low-frequency buzz across Social Media and in the lives of those around me. There is a way to combat that. […]

A Bitter Heart Will Kill You Long Before You Die

A bitter heart will kill you long before you die.

A bitter heart will kill you long before you die. Deal with unforgiveness, resentment and jealousy before their poisons eat you from the inside out. If you have spent months and even years caught up in a spiral of negative thoughts toward others, it’s time to seek help. If you are caught up in a […]

Maybe Those aren’t Your Thoughts, After All

Maybe those negative thoughts you are having about others having no basis of truth but stem from lies they believe about themselves?

Have you ever felt ashamed by the thoughts roaming around in your head? I have. Have you ever felt negative emotions toward others that you have no idea where those emotions stemmed from? I have. Case in point. Over the past several weeks, I’ve been horrified at the copious amounts of judgemental thoughts that popped […]

2017 Spiritual Cleanse

Feeling sluggish and out of sorts? Perhaps it's time for a Spiritual Cleanse.

The annual 10 day Spiritual Cleanse for 2017 starts at noon, November 28, 2017, and ends at noon December 6, 2018. If you happen to read this article after that date or mid-way through the cleanse, simply start a spiritual cleanse on your own, on whatever day you wish to start. Today is a good […]