My Christmas Prayer

Christmas Prayer 2017 - For those who struggle with the Holiday season, the lonely, the alone, the suffering ones.

My Christmas greetings for 2017 and a  Christmas Prayer for all those who find the Christmas season a difficult one. May you know Him as Immanuel – God with us.   Everlasting Father, I ask you to come to those whose hearts ache on your Son’s birthday. They are hurting and lonely. Father, let them […]

Daily Prompts for the 2017 Spiritual Cleanse

spiritual cleanse 2017

the “Official” 2017 Spiritual Cleanse will begin on November 28, 2017, on our Facebook Ministry Page. To learn more about just what a Spiritual Cleanse is, read here! I will post ten prompts to guide you through 10 days that will help you detoxify from the negativity and hopelessness that crashes against you. I will post […]