What are You Feasting on?

No matter how much you consider a particular food to be a must-have in your diet, consuming ONLY that particular food will leave you severely malnourished. There is no one superfood on the planet that will provide you with every vitamin and trace mineral you need to survive long-term. If your view of world events […]

Worship is Not a Spectator Sport

Worship was never meant to be a spectator sport where we sit back and cheer on the team on the playing field.

I attended an upscale church for a few years that spent tonnes of money on great sound equipment and lovely surroundings. We had ‘specials’ every Sunday evening sung by highly trained soloists and duos accompanied by dramatic pianists. Beautiful frocks and stylish suits were mandatory attire for the team. We were dazzled by their talent, […]

A Christian’s Joy Is More Than a Giddy Emotion

A Christian's joy is more than a frothy, euphoric emotion. It has substance and holds us and carries us through the most difficult seasons.

Christian joy is not just a giddy, light-hearted, frothy emotion. Joy is meatier than that; it has substance. It girds us up and lightens our path even through the darkest of days. “The joy of the Lord IS our strength.” Joy is not born from our past, present or future circumstances. Joy is born from […]

Focus on Him and We’ll See the World From the Right Perspective

Keep your eyes fixed on God during times of great uncertainty

A photograph of a police officer holding a toddler in his arms went viral across social media in September 2015. Behind the police officer lay the wreck of the child’s family car. Her father died in that crash, and the impact severely injured her mother. The collision threw her siblings from the vehicle. It was […]

Hold Tight, Don’t Let Fear Distract You!

When your world is falling apart, it's vital you don't allow yourself to be distracted. Hold tight.

A few weeks back,  I lelt led to share a word the Lord gave me on focusing and ignoring distractions. It appears God has his finger on the topic. I have read several prophetic words dealing with focus and the threat of being led off course by seemingly innocuous bunny trails. Sometimes, those distractions that […]

Focus, People, Focus!

The enemy knows how easily we are distracted. The only way to combat his strategy is to focus on what is important.

I confess I struggle to remain focused. Even as I sit in front of my laptop and attempt to write these thoughts, my mind wanders. It’s nearly impossible to focus on just one thing in today’s world. Social Media gurus and organisations who rely on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, emails, texts, and news outlets to get […]