He is Risen! Take Advantage of the Full Benefits Provided

What’s up? More like, Who’s up.. as in risen from the dead!! And I’m offering you a gift, no strings attached, watch the video to learn more. Also, what would you like me to do next now the Daily Bible With A Twist Series is over?

Video Transcript (Raw)

Hi guys. It’s Easter 2018, April 1st. He is risen! He has risen indeed. And I am so excited and joyful and rejoicing and the fact that Jesus Christ rose from the dead for us so we can appreciate and live. And live in the abundant life that He has called us to live in today and not just in the sweet by and by. But a little bit more about that in a moment. But I realize I haven’t told my YouTube subscribers about this and I sincerely apologize but you only have about 30 hours left for you to take advantage of this. My book Dare to Call Him Friend in the KINDLE format is free right now on Amazon. I put it for free over the Easter long weekend and it will be going back to its regular price which I dramatically lowered anyhow. But that will be happening at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. So, if you want to get it for free go download it now. And I wanted to give it to you as a free gift. And I’m sorry, I forgot to let you guys know on YouTube.

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So what else is new? As you know the daily Bible Promises with a Twist ended today. And I was really challenged and I really learned a lot as I went through this series with you. But I felt it was time to set it aside for the reasons I discussed in that previous video. Basically, the Bible Promise card box that I was using was beginning to repeat itself. And also I just kind of felt after three months my job was done and it was time to move on to something else. And what that’s something else is I’m really not sure yet. So I’d like to hear from you what you would like this channel to become.

And one thing I have been thinking about. You may not know about this, but I have a Website called Daily Christian Quote. I’ve got thousands of quotes there and every single day I post a new quote there. So what I’ve been thinking of doing is taking maybe one or two of those quotes a couple of times per week and adding some biblical background to the Christian quote. These quotes are from present-day authors, speakers, pastors, everyday Christians who are part of my life who say something profound that I think would help others. All the way back to 1st century Christians contemporary with biblical times. So if you think that’s an idea that’s something new would like to see. Let me know if there’s anything else that would be great.

I promised you in the last little chat we had that I would be out and about on my power chair in my neighborhood by now. Well, hahaha. Unfortunately, Mother Nature played an early April Fool’s joke on my city and we got a dump of snow and it is actually still below freezing here. So I’m still housebound and you still see the same backdrop Oh well what can we do?
And what else did I want to talk to you guys about? Ah, I wanted to encourage you and to perhaps challenge you to look at the cross of Jesus and His resurrection as something more than just our salvation. And I’m not saying that salvation alone is not worthy of us rejoicing and exclaiming the goodness of God everywhere we go.

But Jesus died for a whole lot more than our eternal life and the sweet by and by when we get to heaven. He wants us to live an abundant life today and to take advantage of all the benefits he won for us through His sacrifice on the cross and through His resurrection power.

If there are areas in your life today, as you’re watching this, that you consider dead, perhaps there are relationships that you believe that are hopelessly gone and there is no way that they could ever spring back into life.

Perhaps you’ve been dealing with chronic pain for years and years and years or chronic illness of any type, and you’ve given up hope that you will ever be able to break through that prison that that pain or chronic illness has caused you to live in. Perhaps financial streams of income, whether it’s a loss of job, whether it was investments that fell through. Whatever that might be. And you are is stymied and you’re feeling trapped and you feel that all your resources have dried up around you and you feel like you’re in a desert place. Take the full benefits, the whole meal deal, that Christ has set before us, that He wants us to take advantage of. And start to proclaim and to believe that those things that you think were once dead are perhaps dormant. And ask the Lord to water those seeds and expect that new life is going to spring from your faith and trust in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ.

Talk to guys soon. And He is risen, not just for our sweet by and by, but His resurrection power is available right now, today, as you’re watching this thing dry bones will rise up once again. That’s Ezekiel 37.

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