He is Risen! Take Advantage of the Full Benefits Provided

This Easter, consider this thought. Jesus’s cross and resurrection accomplished much more than just our salvation. I’m not saying that salvation alone is not worthy of us rejoicing and exclaiming the goodness of God everywhere we go.

However, Jesus’ victory achieved more than gaining our admission to Heaven in the sweet by and by. God wants us to live an abundant life on this side of Heaven. Jesus invites us to take advantage of all the benefits He won for us through His death and resurrection.

Are there areas in your life that you consider dead? Perhaps there are relationships you believe are hopelessly gone. Perhaps you’ve been dealing with chronic illness for years. You’ve given up hope that you will ever be able to break through the isolation that mental illness has caused you to live in. You are in a financial crisis and don’t see a way out of crushing debt.

You are stymied. You feel trapped. All your resources have dried up around you, and you’re in a desert place.

Take full advantage of the benefits that Christ’s victory over death has given you. (Psalm 103, Isaiah 53, 2 Cor 5:17)

In light of all Christ accomplished, consider this possibility: Is it possible that things are not as hopeless as you believe? Are those seeds of hope you planted long ago not dead but merely dormant?

In light of the empty tomb, ask the Lord to water those seeds, and expect new life will spring from your faith and trust in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. In Christ, no person, diagnosis, or situation is beyond His resurrection power.

©2024 Katherine Walden