Are You a Hoarder and Don’t Realise It?

Hoarding isn't all about stockpiling toilet paper or lining your home with clutter. What spiritual truths are you stockpiling but not using?

When I wrote the following devotional several years ago, 2020 – the year of global hoarding – wasn’t on my radar. I had no idea that frightened people would stampede supermarkets to stockpile on toilet paper, baby wipes, and yeast. In March 2020, members of the not-so-secret society of “The First Order of the Closet […]

I Need Your Help

Hi there, everyone. This will be short and sweet and right to the point. Vulnerability time.   If you find my ministry to be of help to you, please consider a one-time donation to help cover the costs of the upcoming yearly web hosting fees. There are other ways you can help as well, found here.