Hold Tight, Don’t Let Fear Distract You!

When your world is falling apart, it's vital you don't allow yourself to be distracted. Hold tight.

A few weeks back,  I lelt led to share a word the Lord gave me on focusing and ignoring distractions. It appears God has his finger on the topic. I have read several prophetic words dealing with focus and the threat of being led off course by seemingly innocuous bunny trails. Sometimes, those distractions that threaten are not so harmless. Sometimes, our instant obedience and our full attention are required if we are to complete the assignment God has given us. Fear is the enemy’s favourite go-to weapon at such pivotal moments.

Years ago, during worship, I sensed God’s protective hand stretched out toward specific individuals in the congregation. I perceived that he was urging them to take that hand. However, gut-wrenching fear caused by potentially life-altering crises in their lives was stopping them from accepting his invitation. Their focus was on everything else but him.

As I pressed in, I quieted my heart. I felt God had more to say. In my mind’s eye, I saw a girl, around five or six years old, panic. Bombs were exploding all around her. I could feel the real and imminent danger. I could almost smell the gunpowder in my nostrils. Buildings were crumbling, and debris spilt over on to the road. The girl is young enough that doesn’t understand what is going on around her and old enough to want to flee.

Her father is by her side. Without breaking stride, He reminds her to pay attention. She must trust him if he is to guide her through the danger zone. She must be alert and not resistant to his direction. She must obey his directives without question or hesitation. But she’s panicking and trying to tug her hand away from her father so she can run and hide.

He does not rebuke her or yank her arm to force her to go forward. Instead, he crouches in front of her. In a firm yet reassuring tone, he commands her to look into his face. He positions himself in such a way that his daughter would have to break eye-contact to focus on anything else.

A rocket flashes overhead and she looks skyward, whimpering. His voice is compelling and is heard above the noise all around her, “Look into my eyes! Listen. Focus on my voice! I will take care of you! I will walk you through what is ahead of us, but you must keep your hand in mine and don’t pull away! Remember, I have always kept you safe and I always will. I will carry you when you are too tired to walk. The same arms that tossed you up into the air and caught you again and again when we played together will carry you through this time of danger.”

As I write this today, I know people are reading this who need to take heed. Perhaps your family is facing a crisis. Perhaps everything is blowing up in your face. Perhaps a doctor’s report came in today that brings challenging news. Perhaps you’ve lost your job. Perhaps you are facing homelessness. Perhaps a loved one is caught in an abusive marriage.  Resist the urge to retreat and resist the urge to take immediate action of your own. Place your hand in his. Keep your eyes focused on him. Keep your ears and heart open so you can hear his voice. Trust him and take him at his word. He will guide you through this, whatever this might be, as long as you allow him to lead.

The Lord says to His church. “Your gaze must be fixed on the bigness of ME and not the enormity of your present circumstances or any potential calamity. The bigger your mountains, the longer your gaze needs to rest on my face. I see the same things you do, but I see those things from the perspective of being the Almighty. Gird up, rise up, be of good faith! You are entering into a season where your focus must remain on my goodness. You must know me as majestic, powerful. Meditate on how big I am! I will triumph; I will see you safely through. Hold on! Deliberately look for the things I am already doing in your life, your homes, your cities and your nations. I am on the move! Write these things down, make note of what I am doing and what I have done. Your testimonies will overcome the evil one through the blood of My Son.”

In the coming days, the enemy will try to make himself appear larger and stronger than he actually is. He will try to intimidate you by posturing and by using smoke and mirrors. Keep your focus on how able I am to defeat the enemy by exposing deception. However, do not be so foolish and presumptuous to assume you have the wits to defeat the enemy on your own. The enemy has sharp claws, and if you are not staying close to me, you are in danger. You will only defeat the enemy by keeping the posture of a child grasping my hand. Hold on!”

Proverbs 4:25 – “Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you.”

Personal Application

1. Breathe.
2. Centre yourself on his truth. Visit Encouraging Bible Quotes, a website that I put together that has several lists of Bible verses that will fit most situations. Read those verses until your heart settles. Write down the scriptures that hit home and read them repeatedly.
3. Worship. I created a YouTube playlist full of War Room Worship.
4. Be humble and obedient. Don’t resist the Holy Spirit’s promptings.
5. Declare the following out loud. If need be, do so every few minutes until the panic subsides. “I will not listen to the voice of fear, I will not retreat, and I will not run ahead of God’s directive. I choose this day to take my thoughts captive for my thoughts are not his thoughts. I thank you, God, that your thoughts, plans, and strategies are higher than mine. You see the whole picture; you know the way through. I choose to trust you this day.”

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Until Next Week

2018 Katherine Walden

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