Face Your Battles With Full Strength

Facing a battle? Remember: Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken. Eccl 4:12

I’ve drawn much comfort from the final book in the “Chronicles of Narnia” series by C. S. Lewis, entitled “The Last Battle.” The protagonists find themselves in a fight that appears to be hopeless. Outnumbered, weary, and bruised, the tiny band of heroes struggle to protect those who turned against them. Stuck between a rock […]

The Sad Confession of a Recipe Rebel

It's impossible to bake well unless you follow a recipe consistently. It's also impossible to live a victorious Christian life unless you obey God.

Although I don’t cook as much as I once did, I occasionally enjoy puttering around my little kitchen. Give me a stir-fry where I can improvise, and you’ll find me whistling while I work. I am at my creative best when it comes to soup. Extra vegetables, zucchini noodles replacing wheat noodles, and a little […]

God Has To Get Through Somehow

There are times that God will resort to sending trusted others to pass on a message when you choose not to listen to His internal promptings on a certain subject. God did so when He sent Cousin Nathan to confront the King. It is wise for you to take heed of that word.

In 2014, I felt a prompting from the Lord that I followed through on, even though I did so with a little bit of fear and trembling. It really helped a friend. Facebook Memories just reminded me of this today. Hearing the Voice of God Step out –take risks. I had a nudge while praying […]

Love One Another. A command or a suggestion?

Loving one another is not a suggestion, it is a command

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot. And usually, I get into trouble when I think. But in this case, I’ve been reading the Bible every year following the Daily Audio Bible. About a month ago, we were in the book of John, and we came across a very familiar passage. It’s one of the most […]