Running the Actual Race is the Easiest Part

It doesn't matter what shape you are in at the beginning of training, it's what you do in the training process that determines the outcome of your race.

In about six weeks, signs that spring is around the corner will make their appearance long before the last stubborn icy snow patches melt in my city. Athletes and running enthusiasts will emerge from their indoor sports facilities and will once again take to sidewalks, bike paths, and nature trails. Promotional materials will plaster street […]

A Boarding Gate is a Place of Transition, Not a Destination

aving you been sticking around the boarding gate so long that you missed your flight? A transitional season is never your final destination.

Airports, bus terminals, train stations; they share one thing in common — a place to wait. Waiting areas also hold something else in common. Their designers do not expect people to use them for extended stays. Although I can’t exactly prove my suspicions, I believe airports, bus terminals, and train stations take the following criteria […]