People Get Ready. Are You Prepared?

How well are you stewarding what God has given you and how are preparing for the next season?

I felt the nudge to share an excerpt from “Seasons”, my first book, published in 2014. Although the Lord gave me this word to share with my readers back in 1998, I sense it is a “now’ word for 2020. I’ve tweaked it a little to meet my grammatical standards, but the message has not been changed, and I’ve not added to it.

God is once again asking us the same questions he asked us twenty-two years ago. It’s time for a brush-up. Have we been following through on his directives? Are we prepared?

Practically speaking, I am doing what I can to be a little more self-sufficient, as best as I can. I do live in a small one-bedroom apartment in a high-rise in the downtown core of a major city. For example, I am growing a tiny balcony garden outdoors as well as a small indoor hydroponic garden. It’s satisfying to dig into a fresh green salad without worrying about E-coli contamination. From my little garden, I’ve been able to gift a friend with plants for her balcony.

God is an amazing provider, but he calls me to be a good steward of his provision. 2020 appears to be a season of stewarding what we have been given so we can carry it into the next season. Are we prepared?

God is calling me deeper into my relationship with Him. I’m devouring books, taking online courses, and feeling the need to make sure my spiritual storehouse is stocked well so I can pour into the lives of others.

People Get Ready

“Are there areas in your life that God has asked you to get in order?
Are you putting off paying overdue bills? Are you spending beyond your means even when your spirit feels God’s conviction?
Are you seeking to find self-worth through social media status and prestige?
Are there spiritual disciplines you have been lax in pursuing?
Do you hunger for a deeper, more intimate prayer life?
Are you feeling God calling you back into deeper fellowship with a supportive body of local believers?
If so, you are not alone.

God is urging His people to gather spiritual provisions and to hone their skills of prayer and intercession.
Believers across the world are sensing a deep conviction when they fail to step out in obedience to God’s leading and direction. Many are experiencing an intensified longing to hear God’s voice. Their hunger for His Word is insatiable, and they are spending copious amount of time in Bible study, worship and quiet time.

“Deep calls unto deep” and God is wooing His children closer to His heart as He desires to pour into them all that they will need in the coming days.

Some skills are vital for our arsenal, but they cannot be learned in the heat of battle. They require self-discipline and perseverance.

  • Hearing and obeying the word of the Lord.
  • Discerning deception.
  • Stepping past fear.
  • Cultivating courage needed to stay still until the Lord directs you to move.
  • Remaining in His peace when all is shaken.
  • God remains committed to His children. Throughout the ages, He lovingly gave His people warnings of what was to come, and His promises have remained faithful. His character has not changed; His plans and purposes, hopes and dreams for His children have not changed either. He is forever faithful, and in His graciousness, He urges us to to be proactive and to prepare to the best of our ability for what lies ahead.”
    From “Seasons: Reflections on Changes Throughout Life” Copyright © 2014 Katherine Walden
    Available on Kindle and in Paperback format on Amazon.

    Are you feasting at the table He has prepared for you? Are you prepared to give out of abundance or is your storehouse running low?

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