Social Media Hiatus and Finding Peace

After an almost three week hiatus from Social Media beyond my ministry obligations, I returned this past weekend.

This is what I learned during my break.

Did anything change on Social Media? Not much. But I was reminded of a valuable truth. Read on until the end!

Snooze on Facebook is a wonderful feature, and so is Unfollow. I will continue to use these features for some people I dearly love but who find it difficult to communicate beyond their obsession with politics, bad news, and their right to be right. I peek at their timeline on occasion to see if their timelines carry any personal story about their lives I’d be interested in. I ooh and ahh over their kids, grandkids, vacation photos and give a thumbs up for posts that are encouraging and uplifting, or just darn-right giggle-inducing humour.

Just because someone has a hobby that doesn’t interest me, such as:
Worrying about things beyond their control to the point they are not taking care of the things they can control
Compulsive news watching (from any channel or source)
Fretting they are not getting what they think they deserve
Griping about inconveniences that protect others.
Amateur conspiracy theorising
Shaking their fist at the air in a blind rage
Yelling out the obvious things that are wrong in the world that keeps them \so busy they can use lack of time as an excuse to not think of ways they can change the world around them.

It doesn’t mean I can’t be their friend and care about them as a person. My love doesn’t change.

But I am the one who chooses what I will see or not see when I scroll down my newsfeed. I am the one who decides what apps I use on my Smartphone. I am the one (as I live alone) who has control over my remote control.

I am the one who guards my peace and my heart.

So what did I do in time away?

I devoured five books, discovered music I hadn’t listened to for ages and started a new morning devotional routine.

I prayed for our world; I prayed for me; I prayed for you.

I skimmed my local news website once or twice a day. In case you were wondering, I do live in a large urban centre, and our news is not just ‘local stuff.’

And I got my life back.

Speaking of my life, I am attending a weeklong online school this week and so our usual ChitChat with Kath is cancelled for this week. I also appreciate your prayers as I have started the process of applying for a full-time Online Ministry school that starts in a few weeks. Can we say, Katherine needs a miracle? Stay tuned!

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Until Next Week,

©2020 Katherine Walden