Uncertain Times? Partner with God – Bonus Soup Recipe

Going thru uncertain times? You can sweat thru them, or you can partner with God! Bonus Easy and Frugal Salsa Chicken Soup Recipe.

In 2022, we are facing uncertain times. Fuel costs, shortages, and worldwide instability could cause a person to fret and worry, especially if that person hasn’t learned to place their trust in God. It’s easy to spot Christ-followers who struggle with trust. A consistently stressed Christian has not learned to navigate through stressful experiences by […]

People Get Ready. Are You Prepared?

How well are you stewarding what God has given you and how are preparing for the next season?

I felt the nudge to share an excerpt from “Seasons”, my first book, published in 2014. Although the Lord gave me this word to share with my readers back in 1998, I sense it is a “now’ word for 2020. I’ve tweaked it a little to meet my grammatical standards, but the message has not […]

Fear and Timidity are not Gifts of the Spirit

What fire are you feeding and what are you using for kindling? Did you know God didn’t give us fear and timidity? We’ve all read 2 Timothy 1:7 but there’s more to that statement than just that statement, let’s find out what Paul was trying to impart to this young pastor. Video Transcript (Video Below) […]