I’m a Christian. Where’s My Discount?

As a Christian, are you a blessing to local businesses or are you demanding special treatment?

I came across the following blog I wrote five years ago and felt to republish it in light of today’s economy in 2020.

Christian professionals and business owners are losing friends who felt somehow entitled to exclusive discounts on their services. I’m sorry to break it to you, but being a Christian isn’t like being a Costco member. You aren’t entitled to a discount just because you flash a Bible in the face of another believer.

I know established business owners who have been judged as ‘selfish, greedy and entitled’ because they were unable to give a massive discount to a fellow believer. I also know these people are unbelievably generous, giving people. Being Christians, these people follow Jesus’ command to not brag about their charitable acts, but the word does get around! Being wise, they know if they are going to be able to pay their employees and pay their bills, they must run their business as a business.

Ask yourself the following question the next time someone blesses you with a discount or a free service. How can you bless the person who blessed you? Spread the news about the excellent service you received from them. Lawyers, chiropractors, dentists, realtors – they all rely on word of mouth referrals. Leave positive reviews on Yelp and Google. However, do so with discretion! Thank the company privately for their generosity with a heartfelt card or a coffee run but don’t brag about the discount you received.

When we come across a fellow believer who offers a service or product we need, we should look at that as an opportunity to sow into their business. I will leave this tidbit with you. It’s by the editor of my first book, who became my friend in the process. I paid her for her service at full price. As our work relationship drifted into friendship, she shared this nugget with me as she chastised me for giving away far more books than I sold. She knew I lost quite a bit of money as a result.

If we think that we are entitled to a reduced price or even worse, a free ride, from another Christian for their product or service, we are stuck in a poverty mentality. We need to break out and break free of that thinking and come into agreement with the abundance that Christ has for us. We should honour our Christian brothers and sisters by paying them well for their product or work, believing that as we bless them that God will, in turn, out give Himself to us..” Lisa Thompson, Professional Editor.

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