Keep it Short and to the Point

God isn't impressed by a public prayer's length as he is by its posture. Keep it short, pointed and bathed in humility, faith, & trust.

For the most part, Jesus’ prayers were short and to the point when he healed, forgave or delivered someone. His most prolonged prayers were heard only by his closest companions. (John 13-17) Perhaps I should write a book, “Caveman Prayers” by Katherine Walden. “Heart, be at peace!” “Arm, be healed!” “Forgive me, Jesus.” “Jesus, Iowa […]

Where is This Week’s blog and a Temporary Schedule Change for Zoom Chat

  This week, I spent some time heavily updating one of the more popular articles on this website by clarifying my foundational beliefs concerning God’s protection over us and spiritual warfare. As Christians, we are encouraged to not only ask  God to protect our families, our homes, and our nations, but we are to believe […]

Being a Fix-It-All Usually Blows Up in Your Face

When you assume the protector’s role that rightfully belongs to God, don’t be surprised when your meddling ways blow up in your face.

I’ve been reading large portions of the Bible this year as part of my studies and personal devotions. I always look forward to 1 and 2 Samuel. These books are full of intrigue, suspense, romance, epic battles, and the cautionary tales found in the lives of both Saul and David.  As I read the story […]

Christians: Who are You Representing?

You are a terrible witness for our King if you post mocking, hateful, cruel and bullying Memes about political leaders and those who disagree with your stance.

As this week’s blog is primarily aimed at those who use Social Media, I am posting it directly on Social Media as well as my blog. I use Social Media, my blog, email list, and the Daily Christian Quote Website as my main ministry platforms. I pop onto Facebook as an overseer or participant in […]