The Beauty of Seasons of Waiting

Children are born with little understanding of the value of waiting. Any parent or teacher can attest to that, especially during the days leading up to special events. The minutes seem like hours; the hours seem like days, and the days like years. Parents feel their children’s anxiety and frustration, and while they sympathise, most […]

Being a Fix-It-All Usually Blows Up in Your Face

When you assume the protector’s role that rightfully belongs to God, don’t be surprised when your meddling ways blow up in your face.

I’ve been reading large portions of the Bible this year as part of my studies and personal devotions. I always look forward to 1 and 2 Samuel. These books are full of intrigue, suspense, romance, epic battles, and the cautionary tales found in the lives of both Saul and David.  As I read the story […]

People Get Ready. Are You Prepared?

How well are you stewarding what God has given you and how are preparing for the next season?

I felt the nudge to share an excerpt from “Seasons”, my first book, published in 2014. Although the Lord gave me this word to share with my readers back in 1998, I sense it is a “now’ word for 2020. I’ve tweaked it a little to meet my grammatical standards, but the message has not […]

Switching Things Up – A Personal Note from Katherine

Jesus is the Lord of the Dance, and we can’t dance his dance without expecting some improvisation. Let Jesus take the lead; you’ll be surprised the places he will take you and the joys you will discover. – Katherine Walden (2006) Hello, my friend! I figure I can call you friend as most of you […]

God is Good – Always!

Let me repeat. God is good! Always!! Shortly before Betsie Ten Boom died in a prison of war camp, she passed on this truth to her sister, Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie was so profoundly impacted by this simple truth that she mentioned it in most of her books and her speaking engagements. “Often I have […]