I Will Not Be Shaken

Is it our job to not be shaken no matter what comes against us? Or does God have another idea?

Psalm 62:6 – “He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken.” It’s been a rough few months for me. Without going into a lot of detail that would needlessly depress you, let’s just say that I’ve doubted my purpose and my direction. I’ve lost focus. The ground I […]

My Christmas Prayer

Christmas Prayer 2017 - For those who struggle with the Holiday season, the lonely, the alone, the suffering ones.

My Christmas greetings for 2017 and a  Christmas Prayer for all those who find the Christmas season a difficult one. May you know Him as Immanuel – God with us.   Everlasting Father, I ask you to come to those whose hearts ache on your Son’s birthday. They are hurting and lonely. Father, let them […]