Hold On

Hold On - Artwork by Jenny O'Connell, Redding California



I don’t know to whom I am writing this, but you know who you are. Please, if I can ask a favour of you? Even if things are really dark and you wonder if there will ever be light again on the horizon, hold on.
Just a little longer.
Hold on.

One more minute,
Then the next.
Take a deep breath and…
Hold on.

When you think your grasp is about to slip,
Hold on.

When your insides are as raw as your hands would be if you were trying to hold on to the end of a rope,
Hold on.

He hears your shout for help,
He hears your whisper of despair,
He is on His way.

Hold on.

If someone comes to your mind as you read this, and you know in your knower that they need God’s help – it might be that YOU are to be the one to carry that hope to them. Reach out with an email, a Facebook message, or a phone call.
Yes, call.
Even if it’s the middle of the night.

Trust your ‘knower.’

Your voice can be a reminder that they are not alone,
they are heard, and they are seen.

Your voice may give them that strength to hold on.

A few years back, during a time of worship, I felt God ask me to walk across the front of my church, using a stick, not as a cane, but as a staff.

I was already exhausted,
I found it difficult to walk on my own.
My legs were shaking,
I was sweating bullets.
Every muscle in my body screamed, “STOP, it’s not worth it, you aren’t making any difference!”

But I knew I had to keep walking…

and so,
I reached out for help.

The friend I asked to help me was at first startled,
She doesn’t like being in the spotlight.

She looked around for someone else
Anyone else
who could help me –
No one else was there.

And so,
My shy, quiet friend took a deep breath,
and stepped out, beside me.

With her support,
And my stick in hand,
I held on

And I kept walking.

I felt it was a picture of the Church.
When we are at our weakest,
God asks us to trust.
He calls us to keep walking,
keep going,
keep moving,
keep reaching out…

Hold on.

When we think we are of little consequence, the simple act of walking step-by-step with someone with shaky spiritual legs can breathe new life and strength.

Digital Artwork, “Moses”, ©2012 Jenny O’Connell, Shasta County, CA.

Prophetic Poem was written by ©2020 Katherine Walden