Christians, Beware of the Enemy’s Snare

Over eight years ago, I felt the weight of these words I felt God led me to post on Facebook. A different government was in place in both Canada and the United States, and there was a growing sense of rage, frustration, and blame bubbling up from under a murky lake of discontent. The weight and urgency of this word have increased to the point that I am often heartsick with a sorrow that is not just my own.

“Beyond a doubt, there is satanic energy orchestrating the anger and polarization that is dividing the church at large. I believe many Christians fell right into the trap the enemy set before them. It’s not too late for us to call out to our redeemer to rescue us from that snare.

God is calling His people to pray with pure hearts. If Christians would stop posting hate-fueled directives toward both governmental and church-based leadership, and pray for their nation and church leadership, change will come. If they ask the Lord to bless those in power as the Bible dictates them to do, change will come. If Christians change their heart attitudes, change will come. If Christians speak out the concerns of the day with respect, compassion, and grace while not compromising the truth, change will come.

Hate-fueled tirades grieve the heart of God.

There is nothing wrong with passion – there is something wrong with a mob mentality.”

It’s 2020 as of today’s date. Nothing much has changed. The angry tirades have changed nothing. However, I firmly believe that if Christians become the catalysts of their own answered prayers through meaningful action in their homes, neighbourhoods, and communities as dictated in Matthew 25, change will come.

If you wonder why your church leadership is making the decisions that you disagree with? Don’t speculate. Engage in a dialogue. Carefully form your words and heart attitude until the fall into alignment with God’s word. Make sure they drip with honour, love, and a willingness to hear the other person’s side. Repent of any presumption that others are taking the coward’s way out. Presumption has a way of tripping you up, right back into the enemy’s snare.

If you feel called to action, then, by all means, act upon what God has directed you to do. But do so without malice.

Beware of confusing frustration that your rights are being compromised with the righteous anger that is born from God’s heart. How well did you steward those rights you are fighting that you feel are compromised today? How well will you steward them in the future?

Are you fighting just so you get to do church the way to which you are accustomed? Or are you fighting so you can step out and do the stuff that will leave a lasting and tangible impact in the lives of those God has set before you: your neighbours, your city, your nation, and your world.

Although church buildings are helpful, you don’t necessarily need a church building to ‘do the stuff’ and be in fellowship with like-minded believers. Think out of the box, stay connected to one another and let’s go about our Father’ business.

Until Next Week,

©2020 Katherine Walden