Is It Time to Stock Up Your Spiritual Pantry?

Are you feeling a little run down and irritable? Maybe you are running low on pantry items and you haven’t realized just how hungry you are. How is your supply of peace, hope, faith, and love? Is it time to restock?

Transcrip for the video below

[00:00:00] Hi welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And today, as always, we’re going to be reading first from the NIV using these Bible cards. And today’s verse is Matthew 5:3.

[00:00:13] It’s Jesus opening statement for the Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

[00:00:23] And in the New Living Translation, it says, “God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him. For the kingdom of heaven is theirs.”

[00:00:36] There were a lot of spiritually hungry people who followed Jesus up the mountain that day. His closest disciples were sitting at his feet. Jesus physical voice probably did not go very far. I can imagine people sitting way down the hill because they couldn’t get any closer and they were leaning in trying to hear. And people were passing the word down to them. These were spiritually hungry people. These were people who knew they had a need. And the Kingdom of Heaven was being revealed to them because of their acknowledgement of their need.

[00:01:13] I have been a Christian for almost two-thirds of my life. When I first accepted the Lord, I belonged to a denomination where we received religious education every day of the school year. I knew the Bible stories, I knew basic theology, I knew sound doctrine. I had all the bases covered. As I have matured, I now realize how important it is for me to stay hungry and to acknowledge my need for Him.

[00:01:51] I need to acknowledge to the Lord and go back to Him when I am feeling as though my pantry, so to speak, is empty. If you find you are lacking patience and love and long-suffering and faith and hope, have your spiritual pantry is starting to run low. Acknowledge your need for Him and the Kingdom of Heaven is yours. Restock that pantry today.

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