In a World Gone Mad, Whose Fool Are You?

What motivates you in a world that often appears to have gone mad? Is it selfish ambition, or is it the selfless pursuit of blessing God and others?

I was a child when I first watched the classic slapstick farce, “It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.”  The movie’s premise was simple. A dying man gave cryptic clues to a motley group of strangers. These clues led to a supposed vast fortune. Pursuing the jackpot led the gang across the deserts of Nevada […]

Come Home, Your Family Misses You

Your circumstance is never greater than God's power. Your sin is never beyond God's mercy. Your wounds are never beyond God's healing grace. Katherine Walden

There is a longing in my heart, a groaning in my soul… I long to see …the hurting, …the angry, …the bitter, …the broken, …the disheartened ones.. The ones who believe the lie that they wandered too far. The ones who fear that God’s arms won’t outstretch to welcome them home. I long for the […]

Swallow Your Pride and Come Out of the Desert

Swallow Your Pride and Come Out of the Desert

Feeling more than a little parched and dry? Is your ‘just Jesus and me’ mentality is making you feel that it’s all slipping away? Video Transcript Welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist! And today, as always, we’re going to start off by reading one singular Bible verse that’s written on this Bible […]

Hunger after God, Don’t Settle for a Glass Of Water and a Toothpick

Don't hold back; Take all that He offers. The Lord's table will never run out; you need to never fear that you are taking more than your share of His goodness. The more you hunger, the more He provides.

“Anyone home?” Bill’s booming voice was easily heard throughout the whole house and backyard. Bill didn’t live at our house, but he might as well have. He was dating my sister and as a result, he had become an adopted son of sorts. Not needing an invitation, the strapping young firefighter-in-training made himself at home […]

Is It Time to Stock Up Your Spiritual Pantry?

Are you feeling a little run down and irritable? Maybe you are running low on pantry items and you haven’t realized just how hungry you are. How is your supply of peace, hope, faith, and love? Is it time to restock? Transcrip for the video below [00:00:00] Hi welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with […]