Throwing out the Baby with the Bath Water?

Are you dismissing all the good someone once did in your life because they are no longer the person they once were?

Many many years ago, I learned that an author who I greatly admired and whose books helped me immensely in the early years of my healing from some past traumas, fell from grace, to put it mildly. I had a decision to make back then. I could discount all the healing and insight I received from their earlier works. Or, even though I was sad and upset that this author went so off the wall, I could be thankful for the way God used their earlier works to help me. I chose to be thankful although I have to admit I was rattled.

Over the past several weeks, a similar situation arose that has brought me to the same point. Rattled. Although God is not the instigator of the situation, he is using this to rattle me once again. I need to be reminded of this truth, God is the author of my healing and he’s my refuge. While I need my brothers and sisters in Christ, I must not place expectations on them to be my ‘saviours’.

People will disappoint, people will change, leaders and mentors whose advice you could once count on as being solid and pure might go off the deep end. The Bible does say, even the elect can be deceived.(Matthew 24:24) The question I ask myself is: Will I throw away all the good God has done in my life through them in the past because of where they are now?

Deep questions. Perhaps you’ve asked them yourself. Your heart response to these tough questions now will affect your ability to remain open and teachable. A closed heart is a terrible thing indeed.

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