Some Gardens God Invites Us to Enter Aren’t Pleasant

Some gardens God invites us to enter may not be pleasant. Sometimes, we have to fight our battles in solitary Gethsemanes.

Years ago, I was drawn to a young man who worked at a large church. He was involved in various departments, and his tasks gave him a modest social media presence – this was during the early days of what we now know as social media. I was excited when he started his own ministry. […]

Judas Had Enough

At what point did Judas think to himself, "That's enough Jesus, you've gone too far this time!"

At what point did Judas think to himself, “That’s enough Jesus, you’ve gone too far this time!” I believe Judas was not purely evil – no person starts out as such – but at one point, he turned his affections away from his Rabbi and gave into bitterness, which eventually led to his act of […]

Throwing out the Baby with the Bath Water?

Are you dismissing all the good someone once did in your life because they are no longer the person they once were?

Many many years ago, I learned that an author who I greatly admired and whose books helped me immensely in the early years of my healing from some past traumas, fell from grace, to put it mildly. I had a decision to make back then. I could discount all the healing and insight I received […]

God is Good – Always!

Let me repeat. God is good! Always!! Shortly before Betsie Ten Boom died in a prison of war camp, she passed on this truth to her sister, Corrie Ten Boom. Corrie was so profoundly impacted by this simple truth that she mentioned it in most of her books and her speaking engagements. “Often I have […]