The Battle Belongs To The Lord

When the enemy of your soul presses hard against you, run swiftly to your great defender.

I originally wrote this the week following September 11, 2001.  Please forgive this repeat from the archives. However, in light of COVID-19, economic collapse, and the brutal mass murder that took place in Nova Scotia, Canada, just yesterday, April 19, 2020, I felt it was fitting.  I can only cry out to God as the enemy presses in against us. I cling to these two truths. Love wins, and God is good.

Please read 2 Chronicles 20:4-23 as this passage is the foundation of this teaching.

Hopelessly outnumbered by approaching enemies, fear reigned in the hearts of the people of Israel. Jehoshaphat’s terrified subjects sought his counsel, and in turn, the king turned to God for rescue.

God answered with a plan that would be laughable to any military strategist. However, the plan made perfect sense in God’s eyes. As the battle belonged to Him, He would lead his army into battle. God instructed King Jehoshaphat to place worshippers in front of His command, and as the army of Israel neared the battlefield, they were told to step aside, stay still, and worship.

The warriors restrained their natural inclinations to run into the battle. Those who were not warriors restrained their natural impulse to flee. As they stood in obedience to the Lord, their enemies were thrown into confusion and turned against each other. God’s people triumphed without one Israeli drawing their sword.

When acts of terrorism, war, and natural disasters strike, my prayer remains the same. May the Lord speak to our world leaders and may they then humbly obey his voice. I pray for Church leaders worldwide. I pray for pastors, heads of denominations, prayer groups, cell group leaders, mothers, fathers and all those who are in authority. May they seek the Lord and may they courageously follow his battle plan, no matter how ludicrous it may seem in the natural.

I call forth for worshippers in spirit and truth to boldly raise the banner of praise in unison. May the battle cry be born out of love and adoration. May it shake the heavens and serve notice to the enemy of our souls that Jesus Christ is still on the throne and that our God reigns and He WILL win.

When we are tempted to act out of fear, bitterness, and the need to figure it out on our own, let us find ourselves on our knees, seeking the Lord and His ways. May we be swift to let go of resentments that we have allowed to form against our loved ones, neighbours, and brothers and sisters in Christ. When our national leaders make foolish decisions in our eyes and when our enemies rise against us, may we be swift to position ourselves in a stance of forgiveness. God’s people must refuse to give in to the spirits of fear, resentment, and bitterness that the enemy launches toward at us in times of crisis. Resolve never to surrender to the enemy of our souls. Pick up the weapons of your warfare: faith, truth, trust, and courage. Stand firm in His promises and place your trust in His awesome power to save.

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All Bible verses attributed to the ESV version unless otherwise indicated.

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