Rend the Heavens

Through the power of the Cross and Jesus' righteousness, we can dispel the darkness! Rend the Heavens - A free form prophetic poem by Katherine Walden

I raged against God in the darkness, “Where is the Light?” His answer was in the form of a paintbrush. “Go fill the darkness with the colours I provide you.” I looked down at my artist’s palette, the colours improvised for myself were dark and clouded, murky and muddy. I raised my palette to the […]

The Battle Belongs To The Lord

When the enemy of your soul presses hard against you, run swiftly to your great defender.

I originally wrote this the week following September 11, 2001.  Please forgive this repeat from the archives. However, in light of COVID-19, economic collapse, and the brutal mass murder that took place in Nova Scotia, Canada, just yesterday, April 19, 2020, I felt it was fitting.  I can only cry out to God as the […]