I’ll Follow the Rules but Let Me Do It Myself!!

Have you been treating God as a big tech support person in the sky? Do you look at the Bible as a Wiki information guide that you can study to pass some cosmic test?

When I first started this ministry, Facebook and other Social Media platforms didn’t exist. We communicated through message boards and websites. HTML and simple CSS coding made it easy for most people to create a website. I learned simple HTML and understood enough CSS coding to get by, thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I felt smug […]

Warring From a Position of Peace – Psalm 42

I purpose to focus on my Beloved’s voice until His voice drowns out all other voices but His own. I choose to be overwhelmed by Him

Today’s blog is a reflection on Psalm 42.  You can find it in my book, “Dare to Call Him Friend.”  published in 2015. As I write this introduction in October 2020, I am challenged by the words I wrote years ago. I realise that this morning, I started off my day without the essentials needed […]

Work from His Presence

Before you begin a task, enter God's presence. Work from that awareness. You'll find insecurities and the need to prove yourself to God and man dissipate.

Work from an awareness of God’s presence and approval. Don’t work to prove that you are worthy of His presence and approval. Ephesians 4:10 (NKJV) We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. When I write within God’s presence and from an […]

What if Jesus was on Social Media?

What would Jesus' approach to social media look like?

If Jesus were walking the Earth today, He would be a master at the art of communicating a simple message in 140 characters or less. Twitter would have been the ideal platform for Him. When Jesus healed the sick, He didn’t mince His words. He prayed with authority. “Be clean!” (Luke 5:12-15) “Take up your […]

God Knows Your Name But Do You Know Your Neighbour’s Name?

We rejoice that Our Father knows our name and is active in our lives. But how well do we follow his lead? Do we know our neighbours? Do we even see them?

God knows you; he knows your name; he knows you better than you know yourself. He pays attention; he notices things. God’s not just making a list of all the areas of your life that need fixing though! He’s genuinely interested in your thoughts, your desires, and your dreams. By a single glance, your Heavenly […]

A Delightful Give-and-Take Relationship

A Give and Take Delightful Relationship

One of the greatest privileges we have as Christians is to live in the most delightful give-and-take relationship of all time. We have so much at our disposal as long as we keep our gaze on Him. Video Transcript (Raw and Unedited) Hi there and welcome back to Daily Bible promises with Twist. And today, […]