A Christmas Miracle and an Opportunity for Growth

9 years ago, I witnessed a Christmas Miracle one Sunday morning. I was attending a church along with several single parents and low-income families. Extravagant, ridiculous, over-the-top financial blessings were tucked in Christmas cards and brought hope and light to so many that year.

I wrote:
“You know who you are — but I don’t think you know the impact your gifts had on several people’s lives today. I saw tears of joy mixed with deep sighs of relief… Christmas has come for a few who didn’t think they would have one this year.”

I will never forget those audible sighs of relief.

Perhaps God is calling YOU to be a carrier of over-the-top generosity – and perhaps YOU are meant to be a recipient.

But here is a thought. Not every single person in the church that morning received an envelope that morning, even though they had a need. Not every person has the financial means to be an over-the-top giver.

The posture of one’s heart when witnessing others being blessed and when being made aware of a need are indicators of Christian maturity.

I am not going to tie this thought up into a neat little bow but if my story and thoughts stir up an emotional response within you, take that response to the Lord. Deep dive into that reaction.

If familiar feelings of bitterness, jealousy and envy churn up, allow the Lord to show you where those emotions find their root in you.

If you feel a sense of shame when you are unable to give when everyone else is able to give, take that shame to the Lord as well.

©2023 Katherine Walden