It’s All about Following His Heart

Jesus wouldn’t allow those around Him to think they could follow the rules and be right with God. He called out those who tried to hide behind the law. He reached out to those others considered beyond redemption because of their lack of observance of the law. Those who humbled themselves, admitting that they just couldn’t do it by their own power, soon discovered God was more interested in their heart than their ability to follow the rules. As they allowed Jesus to step near, He introduced them to the joy and wonder of knowing Him as a friend.

If you think Christianity is all about being a good person, then you’ve sorely missed the point.

Have you treated God as a big tech support person in the sky? Do you look at the Bible as a Wiki that you can study to keep God from getting too close to those areas of your heart you would rather Him not see? He gave us His Word to woo us into falling in love with Him. His intent was never just to keep us in line. No, from the beginning of time, His intent was to keep us in love. Spend a moment today, gaze at His face and become lost in the wonder of His friendship.

©2024 Katherine Walden