What was John’s Secret to Longevity?

John's encounter on the Mount of Transfiguration would impact anyone but I believe his secret to success lay in his ability to lean into Jesus.

What made John the apostle? I mean… what transformed this man into the one to whom Jesus entrusted the Book of Revelation? We first encounter John in Mark 10:34, fishing with his brother and father – just doing the family business. At a simple invitation by a man they hardly knew, James and John leapt […]

By Definition, Christians follow Christ – but Do We Know Him?

You might appreciate a trusty hammer in your toolbox but you'll never have a heart to heart relationship with it.

I want to thank the faithful ones. Those who attend church weekly, contribute financially to various church endeavours, volunteer at church bazaars, serve on church boards, and take their turn volunteering in Sunday School. There is no doubt. Your faithful service blesses the pastors of your faith community. Perhaps you are a staff member of […]

I’ll Follow the Rules but Let Me Do It Myself!!

Have you been treating God as a big tech support person in the sky? Do you look at the Bible as a Wiki information guide that you can study to pass some cosmic test?

When I first started this ministry, Facebook and other Social Media platforms didn’t exist. We communicated through message boards and websites. HTML and simple CSS coding made it easy for most people to create a website. I learned simple HTML and understood enough CSS coding to get by, thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I felt smug […]