Step Back and Let the Professionals Take Over

It’s hard to give up control when your world is collapsing around you – but that’s the precise moment you need to hand it all over to the professionals. Video Transcript Hi there and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And as always, we start off by reading today’s verse in the […]

God is Compassionate and Forgiving

When we are upfront and honest with ourselves and with God, we find Him running toward us with arms wide open, welcoming us to step out of that dark place guilt and shame tries to imprison us. Video Transcript (Video Below) Welcome back to another Daily Bible Promise with a Twist, where I take a […]

2017 Spiritual Cleanse

Feeling sluggish and out of sorts? Perhaps it's time for a Spiritual Cleanse.

The annual 10 day Spiritual Cleanse for 2017 starts at noon, November 28, 2017, and ends at noon December 6, 2018. If you happen to read this article after that date or mid-way through the cleanse, simply start a spiritual cleanse on your own, on whatever day you wish to start. Today is a good […]