What are You Feasting on?

No matter how much you consider a particular food to be a must-have in your diet, consuming ONLY that particular food will leave you severely malnourished. There is no one superfood on the planet that will provide you with every vitamin and trace mineral you need to survive long-term.

If your view of world events is causing fear, uncertainty, confusion, depression, suspicion, dread for the future, etc., ask God for His perspective. He is NOT the author of fear, suspicion, depression or dread.

Who, then, are you listening to? What is the primary source of your emotional, spiritual and mental “calorie intake”? What you are consuming will eventually consume you.

Suppose you spend most of your time on social media reading and watching posts and videos that are full of suspicion, end-time dire warnings and conspiracy theories. In that case, your spirit will wither, and you will not be effective in prayer. Compulsively reading and viewing such things do nothing to improve your world or the world around you.

Praying and seeking God for strategies on how YOU can make a positive difference in your immediate sphere of influence is a much better use of your time.

Until next week,

©2023 Katherine Walden