Let’s Get Real.

Transcript: Hi there. It’s been a long time (since I’ve done a video). Please bear with me. I might explain in videos to follow where I’ve been at what I’ve been up to etc. But this isn’t the video that I’ll be talking about out stuff. Also just as a forewarning you’re going to be […]

Swallow Your Pride and Come Out of the Desert

Swallow Your Pride and Come Out of the Desert

Feeling more than a little parched and dry? Is your ‘just Jesus and me’ mentality is making you feel that it’s all slipping away? Video Transcript Welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist! And today, as always, we’re going to start off by reading one singular Bible verse that’s written on this Bible […]

Independence Day

It's good to celebrate and take pride in your independence from tyranny and oppression. However, declaring independence from God and the body of Christ is never something to be celebrated.

I am contemplating Independence Day today as my American friends celebrate their freedom. Independence from tyranny and oppression is a glorious thing, and it should be celebrated. Americans can take pride in the can-do spirit that helped carve out the nation it is today. Nevertheless, it’s ironic that America would not have won her independence […]