Social Media Security Tips

Social Media Security Tips - Protect your family and your loved ones from common Social Media frauds and scams

An ongoing YouTube series giving tips that will help you to protect yourself and your loved ones on Social Media and reduce your chances of being scammed.

As FaceBook is the primary Social Media platform I use, many of the tips I will give are directly related to Facebook. However, you can easily apply the principles I mention in the following videos to whatever platform you use most often.

Social Media Security Tip 1 I created this video for friends who were concerned about that viral Facebook status that stridently asserts, “All Facebook accounts are being hacked.” I dismantle that fallacy and explain the difference between ‘being hacked’ and being a ‘victim of an imposter’. Hopefully. this step by step guide to locking down your Friends List on Facebook will help set your mind at ease as well.

Social Media Security Tip 2 Today, I discuss the unfortunate truth that is there is no such thing as a free ticket on Facebook or Instagram or just about any other Social Media Platform. Learn how to spot fake websites from the real website of major companies.

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