Major Changes to my Social Media Ministry

Katherine Walden is making a change on one major Social media site - find out more.

As social media evolves, I must keep up with those changes and therefore, I am doing so major tweaks as far as my social media ministry goes. If you happen to use the major platform that I am talking about in the video below, this will definitely affect you. Please watch the video for more information. Mentioning this social platform in this video caused this video to be hidden on that platform, so I am trying here!

Note when I use the word ‘here’, I am referring to the social media outlet that I mention in the video and not this website.



I will be using my personal timeline as my main hub on Facebook.

You do NOT need to send me a friend request to follow me.

When you follow me, you will only see the posts I chose to allow the general public to see.

Click on the Facebook Icon below to follow me.