Leaving Facebook? Here’s Some Ways to Find Me

Are you leaving Facebook due to its increasing censorship? I am not leaving but you can find me on other Social Media Platforms.

Although I am not leaving Facebook, I know many Facebook users are fed up. They are migrating to other Social Media sites because of Facebook’s censorship, biased fact-finding resources, and throttling of views to shared articles and links leading to outside information or blogs. This blog is a prime example, if you are a Facebook […]

Major Changes to my Social Media Ministry

Katherine Walden is making a change on one major Social media site - find out more.

As social media evolves, I must keep up with those changes and therefore, I am doing so major tweaks as far as my social media ministry goes. If you happen to use the major platform that I am talking about in the video below, this will definitely affect you. Please watch the video for more […]

Lock Down Your Friend’s List on Facebook

Lock down your Facebook Friend's List to protect your friends from being scammed by an imposter.

You’ve probably seen at least one version of the following Facebook status: “Almost all the accounts are being hacked. The profile picture and your name are used to create a new Facebook account. And then they want your friends to add them; your friends think it’s you and accept. From this moment, the pirates can […]