It’s not Healthy to Only Eat Twice a Week

Feeling a little blah? You weren’t made to survive on a couple of meals per week and you need fresh, clear water. There might be a dinner guest knocking at your door, bringing a great meal along with Him. Open the door and see who’s there. Rev 3:20

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Hi and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a twist. If you’re wondering what that twist is, click on the “I” and that “I” will lead you to a playlist and the very first entry in that playlist will explain this all,

Today, I’m reading from Revelations 3:20 “Behold I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and I will dine with him and he with me.”

We’ve all heard this verse, but we usually use it in context in evangelical circles when an altar call is given or when we are inviting somebody to come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. However, did you know that this verse is usually taken out of context and these verses were spoken to a specific church full of people who call themselves Christ followers?  So, what is this all about?  Well, verses 15 and 16 gives us a good clue.

Chapter 3. Verses 15 and 16. New American Standard Bible. “I know your deeds that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish that you were cold or hot so because you are lukewarm and neither hot or cold I will spit you out of my mouth.”

I won’t go into detail right now, but I encourage you to go to a Bible commentary or look this up on Bible Gateway. Type these words.  “Church of Laodicea, hot nor cold hot springs and cold springs.” And you’ll get an eye opener there.

I think these verses mean and what Jesus wanted to convey in verse 20 kind of goes like this. I’m going to use modern terms. You go to church on Sunday. There is an amazing presence of God. You can feel the Holy Spirit is such a tangible sense of the empowering grace of the Holy Spirit is there and you come out of church and you are so pumped you are ready to go and save the world. That’s Scenario 1

The next scenario you’re at church Sunday morning. You’ve really had a hard week and you’ve asked God, “I really need to hear from you.” Your heart is aching, and a particular worship song is sung, or your pastor quotes a certain Bible passage that just targets your heart. It goes right to that aching spot was so dry and just aching.  It’s like a refreshing cold drink on a really hot day.

Monday comes around and that fire is still there somewhat but is diminished a bit. You’re not feeling quite as refreshed anymore.

Wednesday night Bible study comes along. You go to the Bible study you get pumped up all over again.  You feel refreshed. “Yeah, I love that bible verse. Thanks, pastor.”

And then by Thursday and Friday, the workweek gets to you. And then Saturday comes along and you’re busy all day long doing all the errands you need to do. Sunday morning comes and you get filled up.

Jesus wants a daily relationship with us. He wants to keep that fire going constantly. He wants to bring us refreshment, not just for our own sake, but so we can bring his refreshment to others.

So, does Rev 3:20 sound a little bit different to you now when you see it from that slant?

“Behold I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in to him and we’ll dine with him and he with me”

If you are watching this and the flame has gone out and you’re thirsty and you feel like you have nothing to give to anybody else, open the door invite Jesus in and spend some time with him.



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