The God of Do-Overs and Second Chances!

Praise the God of Second Chances - Only God can.."Turn a Mess into a Message, a Test into a Testimony, a Trial into a Triumph, a Victim into a Victory!!"

In my late teens, I was blessed to be mentored by two powerful women. They also discipled young inmates who came to know Christ while incarcerated. Most of these young men were first-time offenders. Their fledgling forays into the legal system terrified them. The calm, gentle, and no-nonsense discipleship method used by Opal and Myrtle […]

Be Real and Let His Light Shine Through You

Your authentic transparent love is the lamp glass that reveals the burning heart of God to others.

For much of my High School years, I walked the quarter-mile to school with two friends, Annie and Annette. Our morning walks halted in my last year of High School as I became gravely ill and spent several months in bed. Their loyal friendship continued, and they often stopped on their way to school to […]

What Does Born Again Mean? Why do Christians call themselves that?

What Does Born Again Mean Why do Christians say you must be born again

What does it mean to be born again? Like the moment of our physical birth, there’s a specific point and moment in which a person must be born again. It starts with realizing that no matter how hard we try, there are areas of our lives that we just cannot overcome: sinful behaviours, attitudes, harmful […]

Being Raised in a Christian Culture Won’t Save You

Christian culture won't save you neither will the prayers of family members. Only surrender to Jesus Christ can bring eternal life

A cautionary and sober word to my followers: You may have been fortunate enough to be born in and raised in a Christian culture, but you must be born again by deliberately choosing to surrender your past, present and future to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You must confess and repent by turning away from […]

I Owed Father God a Huge Apology

I owed Father God an apology. He understood where I was coming from and slowly dismantled my twisted view of what a Father's love truly was.

I once owed Father God a HUGE apology. You see, I came to salvation with a whole boatload of baggage that I wasn’t ready to unpack until decades later. I didn’t even know what was in that luggage back then, and that was because of God’s mercy in hindsight. However, my picture of Father God […]