Worship is Not a Spectator Sport

Worship was never meant to be a spectator sport where we sit back and cheer on the team on the playing field.

I attended an upscale church for a few years that spent tonnes of money on great sound equipment and lovely surroundings. We had ‘specials’ every Sunday evening sung by highly trained soloists and duos accompanied by dramatic pianists. Beautiful frocks and stylish suits were mandatory attire for the team. We were dazzled by their talent, […]

Worship – Appeasing an Angry God?

Are you still trying to get in God's good books?  Quit trying!  If you are a Christ follower, you are already a beloved child in your Father's good graces.

Are you still trying to get in God’s good books?  Quit trying!  If you are a Christ follower, you are already a beloved child in your Father’s good graces. An excerpt from “Dare to Call Him Friend” one of my devotional books,  available in print or e-book formats. Is God about to drop the other […]

Last Man Standing? Is It Time to Bow Before the King?

There is a day when worshipers will come together in one body and in one Spirit, where they will not be solely dependent like children, waiting for others to tell them which way they should go

On July 31 2022, the usual 10:30 am church service at Bethel Church in Redding, California, was invaded by the holiness of the presence of the Lord. No one preached a sermon. There was very little interaction beyond the worship, and it was powerful. It was spontaneous, and yet the Lord had a plan. For […]

Savour the Gift of the Moment

Several years ago, an exceptionally hectic and challenging season forced me to postpone Christmas shopping until December 23. Trying to shop in crowded malls with a minimal budget frustrated me. On the 24th, after a long, crowded Greyhound bus ride, I forced my way into my hometown’s bus terminal, lugging wobbly luggage behind me. There […]

Warring From a Position of Peace – Psalm 42

I purpose to focus on my Beloved’s voice until His voice drowns out all other voices but His own. I choose to be overwhelmed by Him

Today’s blog is a reflection on Psalm 42.  You can find it in my book, “Dare to Call Him Friend.”  published in 2015. As I write this introduction in October 2020, I am challenged by the words I wrote years ago. I realise that this morning, I started off my day without the essentials needed […]

Focus on Him and We’ll See the World From the Right Perspective

Keep your eyes fixed on God during times of great uncertainty

A photograph of a police officer holding a toddler in his arms went viral across social media in September 2015. Behind the police officer lay the wreck of the child’s family car. Her father died in that crash, and the impact severely injured her mother. The collision threw her siblings from the vehicle. It was […]