It’s Not a Waiting Game for God

It's not a waiting game with God. He is building trust and relationship with Him within us as wait for the fulfilment of His promises.

Patience is a virtue they say, but it’s a difficult character trait to foster. If you can master it, the rewards are great! Trust and patience go hand and hand in God’s kingdom. Psalm 40:1

Psalm 40, Verse 1. “I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and He heard my cry.”

As you read the verse,  imagine circling the word ‘patiently’ in your Bible. Patience is the key to seeing the promise come to fruition in this verse. “I waited patiently for the Lord. He turned to me and heard my cry.”

Have you ever been around a toddler who wants their parent’s attention or for that matter,  anyone’s attention? They haven’t yet understood the concept of waiting patiently and therefore, they’ll do everything they can to get that immediate satisfaction. They might try pouting. They might raise their voice, they might kick, they might stamp their feet. The little darlings might whine or tug at their parent’s sleeves. They’ll do anything possible to get their parent’s attention.

However, parents learn early they must teach their children to develop patience, or they are raising mini-tyrants. The wise parents do so in intervals of seconds. For a two-year-old, a timeout for 30 seconds seems like five days. To a five-year-old, a timeout for 30 seconds is a breeze. To a one-year-old, a 15-second count in hide-and-go-seek is way more than enough time because all they have to do is close their eyes and they are magically hidden.

It’s the same thing for us as Christians. From the moment we surrender our lives to Him, The Lord begins the process of developing patience.

If you have heard a new believer talk, they will tell anyone in talking distance of all the miracles in their lives. Everything is easy. And it, as a matter of fact, really is. Their heavenly Father is building a relationship with His beloved child.

It’s not a waiting game with God. He is building trust and a relationship with Him as we mature in our faith.

As we grow in the Lord, the interval between the time we ask and the time we receive often elongates. The Lord knows that we should trust Him by this point. A mature Christian knows God is working behind the scenes to get the situation in order so His perfect will can be accomplished.

I felt the Lord would like you to know that He heard you the first time. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue praying in a situation, but He heard you the first time. As soon as He hears your voice,  your Heavenly Father’s face turns towards you. He loves you. He adores you, and He loves those that you are praying for. But, He’s asking you to trust Him, and if He’s asking you to wait, trust Him that He has the perfect reason for asking you to wait.

©2022 Katherine Walden