Being a Fix-It-All Usually Blows Up in Your Face

When you assume the protector’s role that rightfully belongs to God, don’t be surprised when your meddling ways blow up in your face.

I’ve been reading large portions of the Bible this year as part of my studies and personal devotions. I always look forward to 1 and 2 Samuel. These books are full of intrigue, suspense, romance, epic battles, and the cautionary tales found in the lives of both Saul and David.  As I read the story of David, I have been increasingly drawn to his brother-in-laws Joab and Abishai, fiercely loyal warriors and close confidants to the King. Their dogged loyalty caused him more than one headache and almost cost him his kingdom. Joab, a classic Mr Fix-It-All, stuck his nose in David’s family relationship issues. His attempt to reconcile the King with his son Absalom resulted in David running for his life.  Abishai’s vengeful tendencies caused serious cracks in David’s attempts to seek peace with former enemies. As David said in 2 Samuel 19:22 – “What is it with you sons of Zeruiah? Why do you insist on being so contentious?”

“Fidelity is a fine character trait to nurture. However, excessive protectiveness creates a dangerous hazard to those I love. Much like a watchful dog who keeps emergency- medical technicians at bay as he stands guard over his injured owner, my overprotectiveness hinders those with greater expertise from doing their job. Long ago, I surrendered this area of my life to the Lord, and I hold myself accountable to trusted friends, permitting them to challenge me if they see these unhealthy patterns reemerge.

When you assume the protector’s role that rightfully belongs to God, don’t be surprised when your meddling ways blow up in your face.

God is in control, and He knows exactly what He is doing in the lives of those I love. As I intercede for those in crisis, I surrender my own concerns about the situation. God knows best, and He will dispatch those best suited for the job at hand. There are times when God calls me forward as one of his healing agents, and there are times He calls me to stand still. Both scenarios require that I recognize His voice, and both scenarios require that I give Him my instant obedience and complete trust.” Excerpt from Seasons by Katherine Walden 

We get ourselves in serious trouble when we assume the protector’s role that rightfully belongs to God.

When we overstep, we strain friendships through assumptions, accomplishing nothing beyond annoying everyone involved.

What do you do when you see a relational situation you think you should involve yourself in? Go to prayer, ask the Lord for wisdom; then wait for His answer. Be specific in your questions. Go into detail. God doesn’t mind us asking for details, He is the God of the details. Look at the intricate instructions He gave the Israelite craftsman who built the tabernacle! Many times, the answers we are seeking when asking for wisdom are not found because we are not willing to slow down and dialogue with He who is Wisdom.

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