The Light Bearers

Fan into Flame Good works - Keep your light shining and bring that light to those who are not yet set free.
The Light Bearers

Fan into flame the gift of God
2 Timothy 1:6

Humanity’s heart held captive
Groaned for release
Incarcerated by darkness
The memory of welcoming fire and flame
The fellowship with light
Now distant memory
Hopelessness and resignation
The only companions of a reluctant heart

Redeeming light
battered the prison walls
Invading, encompassing, enveloping
Called forth the captives
Melted their shackles

Placing living embers within each clay vessel,
The breath of His Spirit fanned coals into flame

Kindled by His lasting truth
Fragile containers entrusted
To carry His luminance
To those yearning for redemption.


©2007, 2023 Katherine Walden


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