I Can Do All Things Through Christ

Please do, continue to use verse 11 to motivate you to reach whatever goal that might be before you. But also take this verse to heart that when hardships, and struggles, and want, and lack, and suffering come your way, that you too can do all those things and go through all those things through Christ who will strengthen you.

Philippians 4:13 is a wonderful go-to motivational verse to use as you work towards a future goal. However, when the verse is read in context with the rest of Philippians 4, you will see Paul was not just talking about reaching lofty goals. Video Transcript: Hi there, and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with […]

Sometimes, It’s Exhausting to Wait

There is a certain strength and a perseverance needed when you are in that in-between space of asking and receiving. Keeping an attitude of faith and hope when you cannot yet see a promised fulfilled requires stamina. Fortunately, God provides us with strength when we are at our weakest! Video Transcript: Video Below [00:00:00] Hi […]

Sometimes, Chopsticks are a Bad Idea

While waiting in a long line at my local grocery’s checkout counter, I passed the time by glancing over at the store’s flower shop a few feet away. One scraggly little plant in the discount section caught my attention. The poor thing was an exotic version of a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. Spindly, floppy, and […]

The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

The joy of the Lord is your strength. We quote it, we sing it, but do we know what type of joy this bible verse is talking about?

“The joy of the Lord is your strength“! It’s a much-loved Bible verse, often sung and often quoted. Countless families have a wall plaque hanging somewhere in their home with this verse as the theme. However, when this verse is read in context, its wisdom becomes clear. The children of Israel had been in exile […]