So, How’s That Working For You?

I've witnessed ministries and nations crumble under self-entitled delusions and deceptions. I have also seen them crumble under excessive people-pleasing. Is there a solution?

Please forgive the vocabulary and slang used in today’s thoughts. I found I couldn’t express my point in my usual devotional style. To understand where I am coming from, I suggest you read the chapters in 1 Kings right after the death of Solomon, starting in chapter twelve. “The Fall And Division Of The Nation […]

Keep it Short and to the Point

God isn't impressed by a public prayer's length as he is by its posture. Keep it short, pointed and bathed in humility, faith, & trust.

For the most part, Jesus’ prayers were short and to the point when he healed, forgave or delivered someone. His most prolonged prayers were heard only by his closest companions. (John 13-17) Perhaps I should write a book, “Caveman Prayers” by Katherine Walden. “Heart, be at peace!” “Arm, be healed!” “Forgive me, Jesus.” “Jesus, Iowa […]

Last Man Standing? Is It Time to Bow Before the King?

There is a day when worshipers will come together in one body and in one Spirit, where they will not be solely dependent like children, waiting for others to tell them which way they should go

On July 31 2022, the usual 10:30 am church service at Bethel Church in Redding, California, was invaded by the holiness of the presence of the Lord. No one preached a sermon. There was very little interaction beyond the worship, and it was powerful. It was spontaneous, and yet the Lord had a plan. For […]

I’ll Follow the Rules but Let Me Do It Myself!!

Have you been treating God as a big tech support person in the sky? Do you look at the Bible as a Wiki information guide that you can study to pass some cosmic test?

When I first started this ministry, Facebook and other Social Media platforms didn’t exist. We communicated through message boards and websites. HTML and simple CSS coding made it easy for most people to create a website. I learned simple HTML and understood enough CSS coding to get by, thoroughly enjoying the challenge. I felt smug […]

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

When our identity and self-worth becomes entangled with how we wish others to view us, we eventually hide behind a curtain woven from the fabric of anxiety and fear.

When our identity and self-worth becomes entangled in how we wish others to view us, we eventually hide behind a curtain woven from the fabric of anxiety and fear. Case in point: The story of Saul found in 1 Samuel 9 and the following chapters. It’s important to realise that there were cracks in Saul’s […]

Looking For Reflections of Yourself?

By surrounding ourselves with only those whose beliefs are exact reflections of our own, we diminish our effectiveness for God's Kingdom.

As a child, I loved to sit on my mother’s three-mirror vanity desk and carefully arrange the mirrors so I could see countless images of myself. I entertained myself for hours by singing or making up stories to the audience in the mirrors. There was no ego involved; I created an unending supply of imaginary […]