You Haven’t Changed a Bit!

To be told that you haven't changed a bit is not always a compliment. How do you deal with those who see you from a lens tinted from your mutual past?

It’s not always a compliment to be told, “You haven’t changed a bit!” How do you respond to those who still see you as you once were? You have long moved on by submitting your heart to the Lord. You have held yourself accountable to others and actively worked to conform to Christ’s image. Yet, […]

A Christian’s Joy Is More Than a Giddy Emotion

A Christian's joy is more than a frothy, euphoric emotion. It has substance and holds us and carries us through the most difficult seasons.

Christian joy is not just a giddy, light-hearted, frothy emotion. Joy is meatier than that; it has substance. It girds us up and lightens our path even through the darkest of days. “The joy of the Lord IS our strength.” Joy is not born from our past, present or future circumstances. Joy is born from […]

You can Teach an Old Dog new Tricks

You can teach an old dog new tricks, but only if they are motivated to learn

Musing of the day: You can teach an old dog new tricks, but only if he is motivated to learn. Many professional musicians continue their careers way into their 70s and 80s. Those who do well are the ones who realize that as they mature, their voice changes. And so, they arrange their musical score […]

Suffering a Crushing Blow?

how well do you handle suffering and adversity? What fragrance do you release when you feel crushed

I read of tiny flowers that grow in high mountain regions, defying all odds of their survival. These hearty little plants germinate in the shallowest of soils and thrive; despite low rainfalls, high winds and punishing sunlight. Hikers are stunned to find these tiny white flowers rooted in small crevices in boulders and rocks at […]

Before We Call, He Answers

It’s all about relationship for God, He loves to be in dialogue with us and looks for growth in our walk with Him. How well we communicate our needs to Him is indicative of our intimacy with Him. Video Transcript Hi there and welcome back to Daily Bible Promises with a Twist. And we’ll be […]