God of All Comfort

It is gut wrenching to watch a loved one process grief but we must resist using platitudes and exhortations - the best way to help is to simply be with them.

One morning, I was Zooming with a group of friends about the rare gift of a friend who knows how to just ‘be’ with you as you process through grief. That friend who sits with you without offering platitudes. That friend who quietly listens and gives hugs when needed, and stays with you in your […]

Allow Me Tell You What You Want

John was on the lookout for a new hangout, a casual cafe close enough to his new job that it would allow him a leisurely and peaceful lunch hour. As he strolled down a crowded sidewalk, he bumped into a sandwich board that advertised a cafe that promised nutritious, delicious, and tantalizing food at a […]

You Don’t Find Healing By Diminishing Another Person’s Story

We all have stones at hand. When we are in conflict, we must remember this. We have a choice, we can use those stones to throw at each other. Or, we can lay those stones down and invite others to come alongside us as we build a bridge toward real communication.

One of my core values is to exemplify a culture of honour through brave communication. Effective communication comprises respectful listening and not diminishing another person’s voice. By resisting the fear that you will not be heard, you build a firm foundation where you can begin effective communication. One of my greatest peeves is when a […]

To Whom Are You Listening?

hose voice are you allowing to have the authoritative word? Now more than ever you must answer this question truthfully. To whom are you REALLY listening?

Those of you who have read “Seasons”, my first book, will recognise this devotional. However, I felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to post it once again. I originally wrote this over 15 years ago. If there was ever a day for this truth to be repeated, this is the day. To whom are […]

Job’s Friends – Silencing the Suffering

It takes courage to sit with someone who is suffering when you don't have a solution. It takes humility to admit you don't have the answers.

When someone close to us is suffering, we suffer as well. As their suffering increases, so does our own. Hence, the temptation grows within us to try to fix them. We often give the three friends of Job a bad rap. Note the word ‘friends’ in the following passage. They knew his family well. They […]