We are Heirs to the Living God

Yes, we are heirs to the promises of Abraham. Heady stuff! But hold on, there is a conditional clause in front of that statement. The word “IF”. Hey, if we meet the ‘if’ then we get the ‘then’!  Galatians 3:29

Video Transcript

[00:00:04] Hi there and welcome back to daily Bible promises with a twist. Today, I’m going to be reading Galatians 3 Verse 29 in the New American Standard Bible. It says in Chapter 3 Verse 29 the letter to Galatians written by Paul.

[00:00:22] “And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s offspring, heirs according to the promise.”

[00:00:31] I’m not going to be reading the whole thing but a few verses ahead and the few verses after this verse speak of what it means to be an heir of God. Paul was writing to the Church of Galatia, exhorting them not to return to the former thanks. The former things in this case – some of them were returning to the Law. They accepted Christ as Messiah, but they were returning to the Law because it was comfortable for them to be under the Law. Paul refers to the law in this case as tutor.

[00:01:19] And from what I remember reading or from studying, the word Tutor in this situation refers to somebody who is training someone to take over a very high position. For example, children born to a king or queen are expected, especially the firstborn, are expected to be well-trained in politics, etiquette, social situations, world events etc. etc. So quite often they are privately tutored for portions of their lives, so they can be prepared to enter in to be a full heir.

[00:02:04] If you read further on, Paul refers to those in Christ as being sons of God, and the word sons there refers to the heirs who are now ready to take over more duties.

[00:02:21] In this case, you might think of Prince William and Prince Harry of England who now are mature men and who now face much more responsibility in their lives than they did when they were younger. And perhaps there are days where they would much rather be back in their schoolroom when they’re facing the world that they live in now. They’re in a fishbowl.

[00:02:51] We as Christians are in a fishbowl, as well. The world is watching us and yes, it’s unfair. Yes, they hold us to a higher standard than themselves but that’s how it goes.

[00:03:03] This is a qualified promise or declaration of who we are in Christ. It is one of those “if” and “then” things. “And if you belong to Christ then you are Abraham’s offspring – heirs according to the promise.” Do you truly belong to Christ or have you just said the sinner’s prayer at some point in your life?

[00:03:28] You go to church on occasion or maybe every Sunday. However, you’ve never really fully surrendered all of yourself to the Lord. You call Him Lord. But in reality, you haven’t given Him ownership of your life – your past, your present, your future. If you want to get the fullness of this complete scripture, then can I invite you right now to take time and surrender your complete life to the Lord.

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