You Haven’t Changed a Bit!

To be told that you haven't changed a bit is not always a compliment. How do you deal with those who see you from a lens tinted from your mutual past?

It’s not always a compliment to be told, “You haven’t changed a bit!” How do you respond to those who still see you as you once were? You have long moved on by submitting your heart to the Lord. You have held yourself accountable to others and actively worked to conform to Christ’s image. Yet, […]

Stop Trying to to Get People to Like You

Start believing that God created you to be incredible, you'll discover you are likeable, loveable, and that you carry a significant message others need to hear.

Some people sabotage themselves by trying to prove to those from whom they seek approval that they are worthy of that approval. All that does is build walls. Most healthy people pull away from people who try too hard to seek approval, acceptance or justification. Live your life and quit seeking approval or understanding from […]

Who are You Representing and to Whom?

Just who are you representing and to whom

Just who are you representing and to whom? Good questions to ask! 2 Corinthians 5:17 is a favourite of most Christians because it talks about our identity in Christ – but what if it’s not all about us? I invite you to watch my latest YouTube video! It’s all about reconciliation, seeing others through the […]

Walk Like You’re Worthy

Dare to ask God big questions. "Am I making life decisions based on who You say I am, or am I making decisions to spite what others have said I am?"

If you are gauging your self-worth and identity on what others have done to you, said to you or called you in your past or what others might say about you in the future, then you are sentencing yourself to a life of anxiety, second-guessing yourself and confusion. God is our source of identity, he […]