You can Take His Word to the Bank!

There is someone who you can take His word to the bank, it’s tried, tested and true! He’s never let anyone down yet who have put their trust in Him to handle their affairs.

Video Transcript:

[00:00:05] Hi there! Welcome back to Daily Bible Verses with a Twist, where I take a card that has a bible verse on it from a box of promises. I take that singular verse and put it into a context and an understanding of what was going on at the time, who spoke it, who was he speaking it to, and were there were any conditions attached to that promise. So, let’s begin. I’m going to be reading from the card itself which is written in the NIV version.

[00:00:34] “Every word of God is flawless. He has a shield to those who take refuge in him.” Proverbs 30 Verse 5

[00:00:41] I’m going to switch immediately over to NASB Bible. The New American Standard. I looked this verse up in many different translations because of the one word that is different in the translation I’m about to read to you. That word is the same in many other translations. The NIV is the only one who uses the word flawless. Remember that!

[00:01:04] “Every word of God is tested. He is a shield to those who take refuge in him.” NASB Proverbs 30:5

[00:01:10] The were tested in this situation is not the same as meaning in the New Testament where Jesus told Satan, when Satan was tempting him in the desert, “Thou shall not test the Lord your God.”

[00:01:25] In Chapter 30 Verse 5 of Proverbs: “Every word of God is tested.” The word tested there means it’s tried, it’s true, it’s strong. It’s something you can take to the bank. It is something that has proven to be true in the past and it will be true in the future. It’s something that you can stake your reputation on and you can stake your future on.

[00:01:50] Solomon wanted his audience to remember that foundational truth that God’s word is tested. It’s safe, it’s reliable. You can take it to the bank. He goes on, in the second part of verse five, to say, “He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.”

[00:02:10] So, if we take refuge in Him, meaning we step behind Him and allow Him to be our shield, He guarantees that He will be our shield. We can take refuge in Him and we’ll be safe. In the same way, if you’ve ever seen riot police with those clear plastic shields that they put in front of them. Sometimes, they will even crouch behind it so every part of their body is being covered by that shield. They know that shield is going to protect them. It’s bulletproof; it’s fireproof. They know that they are safe if they stay behind it. Today if you are needing God’s protection, if you’re feeling vulnerable, if you’re feeling exposed – take a look to see which side of that shield you’re at.

[00:03:01] If you’re trying to defend yourself then you are not standing behind His shield. So, take a few steps back and allow Him to be your protector and to be your shield and to be your defender.

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