Having Trouble Signing Up for the Mailing List?

Where do I sign up for the mailing list

If you are having trouble signing up for the mailing list using the form on this website, try this LINK.

If you were once a subscriber but no longer receive emails from me and are wondering why, this might be the problem. A couple of years ago, GDPR was forced upon us. As a result, I had to remove many people from the mailing list as they didn’t respond to the mandated mailing I sent out. That mailing asked them to confirm that they wanted to be on the mailing list.  You might be one of those casualties. 

Try signing up again, using this LINK. Unfortunately, I cannot manually add you to the list if you left the list voluntarily or if you were removed from the list. Hopefully, the link will work for you!

What is the mailing list all about? Will I be spammed with offers? I provide the weekly blog that you find here on the website as well as seven Christian quotes from the Daily Christian Quote (DCQ) Website. The DCQ is another ministry I run. There are over 6,000 quality quotes posted there and I add a quote daily! Quotes from Christians of old, famous and not so famous pastors and leaders, and authors. You’ll also find quotes from everyday Christians who I find to be wise, encouraging, and insightful.

You will not receive requests for donations and I have nothing to sell, so there won’t be any sales pitches either!