Go! No Matter What Storms You Face!

No matter what storms you face today, reach out to God, and you’ll feel His light. But don't forget to take that light to those in darkness.

No matter what storms you face today, reach out to God, and you’ll feel His light. But don’t forget to take that light to those in darkness.

An excerpt from Seasons . I thought was appropriate to share again in today’s uncertain climate. If you TRULY can’t afford to purchase my books, let me know. I can send you a PDF version. It’s not quite as convenient to read in that format, mind you!

As political, economic and natural storms cross our planet, Christians tend to cluster together against the winds that rattle at our doors and howl at our windows. During times of adversity and hardship, when the grey, thick clouds of political strife and international crises loom over us, it is tempting to draw the curtains closed and barricade ourselves from the ugliness outside our doors. When we face severe economic hardship, it is difficult to believe that we have anything of value that we can offer to God and our world.

In times of adversity, God invites His people to work alongside Him. As we venture out, He pours His grace into us, allowing us to be effective agents of His provision during times of crisis. As Christians perform gracious acts of compassion and generosity, God takes these sacrificial gifts and multiples them for the benefit of the surrounding community. Jesus found much pleasure in the poor widow’s offering of a few pennies for the upkeep of the temple, and He is just as blessed by our sacrificial giving during times of hardship.

No matter what storms your community faces today, present your heart to the Lord, and you’ll feel the warmth of His light shine upon you and through you. Take that light as a beacon to those in the darkness and you’ll be given the awesome opportunity to be a messenger of God’s love, grace and compassion to your neighbours!

A reminder: Monday, August 30, 2021, will be our last discussion group on Zoom. in the future, I might create a general casual conversation chat time on Fridays but that is still up in the air. Stay tuned. It will be a time for fellowship, encouragement, and praying for each other’s needs. Laughter will be encouraged as the joy of the Lord is our strength in troubling times!

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